Curtain Headings Change The Flow

Curtain headings

When you imagine curtains, you think about billowing fabrics, luxurious in style and feel. They add a sense of drama and sophistication to every room and are highly practical. There are many curtain styles to choose from, such as wave sheers, lined or coated curtains. However, there is more to curtains than just the fabric.

Have you ever noticed how curtains hang? This is dependent on the curtain heading. A curtain heading is where the curtains are attached to a curtain track or rod. The way the curtains are looped, pleated or folded, affects the way they look when opened.  

Like the curtains themselves, headings are another design element to consider.

Many modern curtains suit minimalist headings, allowing the fabric to fall straight down. Want something a bit more traditional? Opt for a tightly pleated style instead which creates uniform spacing and, smooth operation.

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