The Pros and Cons of Window Shutters

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When it comes to home design, the window dressings can really complete a room. You can spend thousands of dollars on new furniture, feature walls and ornaments, but if you neglect your window, your entire look will be unfinished and fall short.

There are many different window dressings to choose from. You can opt for curtains, sheers, and a whole range of different blinds, but shutters are a top favourite. They just scream elegance but are they practical and will they work in your home?

Here are the pros and cons of window shutters so you can make an informed decision.


Who doesn’t love shutters? They are a stunning addition to any home and look just as great from the outside as they do on the inside. They also provide:

Protection from the elements – They keep the heat out in the summer and heat insulation during the winter.

Adjustable for Privacy and Light Control – Shutters can easily be controlled to let just the right amount of light in. A slight adjustment in the panels is all you need to let the light in, while still protecting your privacy. 

Customisable – You can custom design your shutters to suit your home. Here at Beachside, we will measure and create the perfect shutters to perfectly fit your windows. Plus you can also choose from a range of materials, styles and, stains and paint colours.

A Clean Look – Wood shutters fold open neatly to expose the entire width of the window and when they are closed, perfectly display all the little details and workmanship of the shutters.

Timeless – Shutters provide a timeless look to your home and because they are so durable and do not fade, they will last years without ever going out of style.

Increase in value – Shutters can completely transform a space. They look beautiful and sophisticated and is why the addition of shutters in your home can actually increase the resale value. So they’re definitely a great investment!


Reduced visibility – If you live by the ocean or the river and want to take full advantage of the view, then your shutters need to be fully opened. Trying to adjust the slats to let maximum light enter will work to a slight extent, but will still provide an obstructed view.

Awkward – As interior shutters swing inward, you will have to keep the furniture far enough away so it does not get in the way when opening and closing your shutters each day. This may be a problem if you have a smaller room and limited space. 

Not Always Functional – Did you know some shutters are decorative only? The side panels are mounted on the wall and can be painted any colour to either match or contrast the window frame. This looks great but of course, you will still need to think of functional window coverings as well.

If you need help choosing the right window coverings for your home, click here to see how our friendly and experienced staff can help. 

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