Curtains – The Top Benefits


Curtains have taken a back seat to blinds and shutters, however, we’re starting to see a resurgence. They frame a room beautifully and can transform a cold/stark room into a warm and inviting place of rest.

Many people get caught up in all the artwork, soft furnishings, rugs, and statement pieces. Window coverings are left last minute. However, including them in the beginning as part of your overall style can help bring everything together seamlessly.

In this blog post we look at the numerous benefits of curtains:

#1 Privacy: Curtains don’t just look good, they are functional too and they give you complete privacy from the outside world

#2 Keep the light out: Perfect for sleeping babies, kids who are prone to rise too early and those on nightshift. Curtains keep the light out and in the summer months, this can be a Godsend

#3 Temperature control: Curtains can keep the heat in and the cold out and vice-versa depending on the type. The energy saving benefits ensures you are doing your bit for the environment and your bank account!

#4 Safety: Unlike many blinds, curtains have no cords and so are extremely safe for you (especially for families with young kids)

#5 Style: With so many different fabrics and styles, curtains can really add character and reflect your sense of style. You can go bright and modern, deeply luxurious or sheer and flowy. They can contrast the rest of your style or match your accessories for a cohesive look. The choice is yours. 

#6 Easy to clean: If you have tried cleaning the shutters and blinds you know how difficult it can be. Dusting and wiping down slats is incredibly time-consuming. But curtains on the other hand can be cleaned swiftly and easily with a mini-vac.

#7 Value for money: Made-to-measure curtains using high-quality fabrics are extremely durable and can last decades.

If you want to more information on how to transform your home with beautiful window coverings, click here >

We have an extensive range of fabrics and our in-house design team will help create the perfect look for your home. 

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