Choosing the right curtains can be difficult and confusing. It may seem like a pretty simple process, however with the number of fabrics, styles, tracks and headings, it is no wonder so many people simply go with the quickest and easiest “off the shelf” option.

Window coverings is far more than providing privacy in the day and darkness at night. They completely frame and transform a room. Yes they are practical but to ignore the aesthetic can leave your room looking unfinished.

So what do you need to look out for when choosing the right curtains?

#1 Curtain Tracks

Firstly lets look at the curtain track. The track is one of the most important decisions to make when purchasing new curtains. Because most tracks are not visible, it is tempting to just go with the cheaper option. Some tracks are also decorative or designed to make a statement and poor quality tracks and installation can ruin the appearance and operation of any curtain.

Curtain tracks can be mounted to walls or ceilings depending on the size and placement of your windows. 

You can select from hand-drawn, cord drawn or motorised curtain tracks

#2 Headings

The heading is where the curtain fabric is attached to the track or rod, changing the way they look when open. Some are looped on a pole, others pleated or folded.

Like the curtains themselves, headings are another design element to consider.

Minimalist headings, allowing the fabric to fall straight down

Traditional styles are tightly pleated

Pleats create uniform spacing,and allow for smooth operation

#3 Pelmets

Pelmets are placed above the window and covers the heading of the curtains to conceal the track (or multiple tracks and poles if you opt for a layered curtain look) and add another decorative element to your windows. 

Pelmets are also used to create an illusion of height and can alter the proportions of the window

Pelmets are also functional. They insulate extremely well by trapping warm air in the winter and stopping cool air escaping in summer, as well as blocking out light while elongating the height of the window.

While padded pelmets are a great option, you can also choose from a minimalist style wood painted pelmets for a more modern and trendy look.

#4  Curtain Fabric, lining and length

So now that we’ve covered the curtain tracks, curtain headers and pelmets, we can look at the actual curtains themselves.

As a key feature to any home, choosing curtains can be a tough choice. Will you go for sheer or wave sheer curtains? Lined curtains? Coated curtains? 

Sheer Curtains provide privacy in the daytime, offers good insulation and are perfect to use over a layered window solution, blinds or a lining fabric

Lined curtains provides further insulation, blocks out light & soften exterior traffic noise or help the acoustics within a theatre room. They also add fullness and prevents the fabric from fading.

Coated curtains are a cost effective option where the acrylic coating is bonded to the back of the face fabric. Coated fabrics have less insulation than a separately lined curtain and are firmer drape.

Once you have chosen those, you can then look at the different curtain fabrics, colours, designs and shades. Most people opt for soft, muted and neutral tones. However curtains can also be a great focal point of a room and can be used to inject personality and add drama, mystery or romance. So therefore you can be opt for something more vibrant, colourful or rich in texture.

Many people ask “what length should my curtains be?” This does of course depend on your taste, however, the current trend is for the curtains to just touch and sit flush to the floor.  

You can hang curtains around 15cm or higher than the window frame to add some more height to the room. Hanging them from the ceiling or below the cornice is very artistic and is great if you have low ceilings.

To get the perfect draped look when your curtains are fully drawn, your curtain width should be look 2 – 2.5 times the width of the window.

Hopefully, our top tips on choosing the right curtains will help you, however, you don’t have to go it completely alone. Our in-house design team can help custom design the perfect look for your home

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