Custom-Designed Bedroom Accessories That Won’t Break The Bank!

When it comes to window coverings, we automatically think about curtains, blinds, and shutters. But the coverings themselves are only half the look with custom-designed bedroom accessories completing the room.

Here at Beachside Blinds and Curtains, we have an extensive range of accessories to perfectly compliment and tie in the entire look.

Here are our top 3 must-have accessories all made to order and custom-designed by our in-house team of decorators:

Pelmets and tie backs 

Pelmets and tie-backs used to be the ultimate in luxury but fell out of favour. However, we’re pleased to say that pelmets and tie-backs have made a comeback! Pelmets perfectly frame your windows and add a whole new look to a room while providing the option of concealing hardware. 

Pelmets are also functional. They insulate extremely well by trapping warm air in the winter and stopping cool air escaping in summer, as well as blocking out light while elongating the height of the window.

While padded pelmets are a great option, we can also produce minimalist style wood painted pelmets.


Who doesn’t love cushions? A selection of cushions purposefully scattered across the head of the bed adds an instant luxe feel and elevates the room. Our top tip is to choose a selection of different sizes with different materials. Tie the look together by choosing different shades of the same colour or by contrasting with the rest of your bedding.


Just as curtains frame a window, bedheads complete the look of your bed and can be completely customised to your exact look. We have all been there, we go to buy a new bedstead or bedhead but we’re just not entirely sold on the options in the stores. 

Your bedroom is a place of comfort and should be your happy place. It is important, therefore, to have the exact look you want and we can deliver that for you.

Bedheads are not only comfortable but they’re a design feature and the central point of focus of your room. You can choose the style, shape, size, and fabric of your bedhead. You can even go right down to the smallest details such as the piping and buttons you’d like. 

Pop into our showroom and speak with our in-house design team to upgrade your room with custom-designed bedroom accessories.

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