The Hottest Summer Trend

Wave sheers

Wave sheers have always been a favourite window covering for Perth’s homeowners. They are the perfect way to highlight our beautiful weather. The sheer material lets the sunlight stream through while protecting us from UV rays.

While shades of white are usually the go-to when it comes to wave sheer curtains, we’re now seeing a trend in bright summer colours.

Reds, oranges, blues and greens adds a touch of personality and drama to the home.

Here are our top 5 tips when choosing coloured sheer curtains for your home

Tip #1 Choose a colour that contrasts with the rest of your colour scheme. This is fairly easy to do if you have neutral coloured walls and flooring. If, however, you have darker shades of wood, choose a pastel colour so as to break up the darker colour scheme. On the other hand, a brighter shade such as orange or yellow works wonderfully with greys and white furniture.

Tip #2 Bring the outside in. If your room is facing the garden, a green or yellow colour will compliment the shades of nature. Shades of blue will do the same for a room with an ocean view. With the windows open and the sheers billowing in the breeze, you can open up your home and extend outwards to enjoy the sunshine. 

Tip #3  Accessorise. Along with your curtains, accessorise your home with cushions, artwork, and flowers to tie everything together. 

Tip #4 Double-up. You can double up your wave sheer curtains for a more dramatic look or even layer with a blackout curtain so you can let the light shine through in the day and get a good sleep at night.

Tip #5 Call in the experts to properly measure your windows. You can book in a FREE measure and quote here and choose from an extensive range of fabrics and curtain designs at our new showroom in Wangara.


Choosing the right curtains can be difficult and confusing. It may seem like a pretty simple process, however with the number of fabrics, styles, tracks and headings, it is no wonder so many people simply go with the quickest and easiest “off the shelf” option.

Window coverings is far more than providing privacy in the day and darkness at night. They completely frame and transform a room. Yes they are practical but to ignore the aesthetic can leave your room looking unfinished.

So what do you need to look out for when choosing the right curtains?

#1 Curtain Tracks

Firstly lets look at the curtain track. The track is one of the most important decisions to make when purchasing new curtains. Because most tracks are not visible, it is tempting to just go with the cheaper option. Some tracks are also decorative or designed to make a statement and poor quality tracks and installation can ruin the appearance and operation of any curtain.

Curtain tracks can be mounted to walls or ceilings depending on the size and placement of your windows. 

You can select from hand-drawn, cord drawn or motorised curtain tracks

#2 Headings

The heading is where the curtain fabric is attached to the track or rod, changing the way they look when open. Some are looped on a pole, others pleated or folded.

Like the curtains themselves, headings are another design element to consider.

Minimalist headings, allowing the fabric to fall straight down

Traditional styles are tightly pleated

Pleats create uniform spacing,and allow for smooth operation

#3 Pelmets

Pelmets are placed above the window and covers the heading of the curtains to conceal the track (or multiple tracks and poles if you opt for a layered curtain look) and add another decorative element to your windows. 

Pelmets are also used to create an illusion of height and can alter the proportions of the window

Pelmets are also functional. They insulate extremely well by trapping warm air in the winter and stopping cool air escaping in summer, as well as blocking out light while elongating the height of the window.

While padded pelmets are a great option, you can also choose from a minimalist style wood painted pelmets for a more modern and trendy look.

#4  Curtain Fabric, lining and length

So now that we’ve covered the curtain tracks, curtain headers and pelmets, we can look at the actual curtains themselves.

As a key feature to any home, choosing curtains can be a tough choice. Will you go for sheer or wave sheer curtains? Lined curtains? Coated curtains? 

Sheer Curtains provide privacy in the daytime, offers good insulation and are perfect to use over a layered window solution, blinds or a lining fabric

Lined curtains provides further insulation, blocks out light & soften exterior traffic noise or help the acoustics within a theatre room. They also add fullness and prevents the fabric from fading.

Coated curtains are a cost effective option where the acrylic coating is bonded to the back of the face fabric. Coated fabrics have less insulation than a separately lined curtain and are firmer drape.

Once you have chosen those, you can then look at the different curtain fabrics, colours, designs and shades. Most people opt for soft, muted and neutral tones. However curtains can also be a great focal point of a room and can be used to inject personality and add drama, mystery or romance. So therefore you can be opt for something more vibrant, colourful or rich in texture.

Many people ask “what length should my curtains be?” This does of course depend on your taste, however, the current trend is for the curtains to just touch and sit flush to the floor.  

You can hang curtains around 15cm or higher than the window frame to add some more height to the room. Hanging them from the ceiling or below the cornice is very artistic and is great if you have low ceilings.

To get the perfect draped look when your curtains are fully drawn, your curtain width should be look 2 – 2.5 times the width of the window.

Hopefully, our top tips on choosing the right curtains will help you, however, you don’t have to go it completely alone. Our in-house design team can help custom design the perfect look for your home

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Curtains – The Top Benefits


Curtains have taken a back seat to blinds and shutters, however, we’re starting to see a resurgence. They frame a room beautifully and can transform a cold/stark room into a warm and inviting place of rest.

Many people get caught up in all the artwork, soft furnishings, rugs, and statement pieces. Window coverings are left last minute. However, including them in the beginning as part of your overall style can help bring everything together seamlessly.

In this blog post we look at the numerous benefits of curtains:

#1 Privacy: Curtains don’t just look good, they are functional too and they give you complete privacy from the outside world

#2 Keep the light out: Perfect for sleeping babies, kids who are prone to rise too early and those on nightshift. Curtains keep the light out and in the summer months, this can be a Godsend

#3 Temperature control: Curtains can keep the heat in and the cold out and vice-versa depending on the type. The energy saving benefits ensures you are doing your bit for the environment and your bank account!

#4 Safety: Unlike many blinds, curtains have no cords and so are extremely safe for you (especially for families with young kids)

#5 Style: With so many different fabrics and styles, curtains can really add character and reflect your sense of style. You can go bright and modern, deeply luxurious or sheer and flowy. They can contrast the rest of your style or match your accessories for a cohesive look. The choice is yours. 

#6 Easy to clean: If you have tried cleaning the shutters and blinds you know how difficult it can be. Dusting and wiping down slats is incredibly time-consuming. But curtains on the other hand can be cleaned swiftly and easily with a mini-vac.

#7 Value for money: Made-to-measure curtains using high-quality fabrics are extremely durable and can last decades.

If you want to more information on how to transform your home with beautiful window coverings, click here >

We have an extensive range of fabrics and our in-house design team will help create the perfect look for your home. 

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Benefits of Blockout Curtains

When it comes to choosing the right curtains for your home, there are two main considerations; aesthetic and practicality. A popular choice that meets both these requirements is Blockout and separately lined curtains. So why are these curtains so great? We have broken down the top 3 benefits of blockout curtains for your home:

Light Control

Blockout blinds and curtains prevent more light from entering your room and this is one of the biggest benefits when it comes to choosing window coverings for the bedroom or theatre room.

Light control is an important feature if you have young children who tend to wake up very early or for people working night shifts and need to sleep during the day. Being able to create the right ambiance will result in a restful night’s sleep, and let’s face it, we could all do with that!

Noise reduction

It may not be obvious, but blockout curtains are actually incredibly effective at reducing outdoor noise and internal acoustic noise bounce! This is due to the fabric being thicker and heavier as well as lined at the back.

Energy Savers

Did you know you can lose a lot of energy through the windows of your home? By choosing blockout curtains and blinds, you can save money by keeping the heat in during the winter and the sun out during the summer.

Value For Money 

Investing in high quality, custom made-to-measure blinds will improve your sleep quality, conserve energy, look great and last a long time. All our curtains and blinds are locally made using the best materials and expert workmanship. Plus they come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

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Curtain Headings Change The Flow

Curtain headings

When you imagine curtains, you think about billowing fabrics, luxurious in style and feel. They add a sense of drama and sophistication to every room and are highly practical. There are many curtain styles to choose from, such as wave sheers, lined or coated curtains. However, there is more to curtains than just the fabric.

Have you ever noticed how curtains hang? This is dependent on the curtain heading. A curtain heading is where the curtains are attached to a curtain track or rod. The way the curtains are looped, pleated or folded, affects the way they look when opened.  

Like the curtains themselves, headings are another design element to consider.

Many modern curtains suit minimalist headings, allowing the fabric to fall straight down. Want something a bit more traditional? Opt for a tightly pleated style instead which creates uniform spacing and, smooth operation.

To find out what curtain style and heading will best suit your room and requirements, click here or give us a call. Our friendly staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help create the perfect look for your home.

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The Pros and Cons of Window Shutters

Basswood Timber Shutters

When it comes to home design, the window dressings can really complete a room. You can spend thousands of dollars on new furniture, feature walls and ornaments, but if you neglect your window, your entire look will be unfinished and fall short.

There are many different window dressings to choose from. You can opt for curtains, sheers, and a whole range of different blinds, but shutters are a top favourite. They just scream elegance but are they practical and will they work in your home?

Here are the pros and cons of window shutters so you can make an informed decision.


Who doesn’t love shutters? They are a stunning addition to any home and look just as great from the outside as they do on the inside. They also provide:

Protection from the elements – They keep the heat out in the summer and heat insulation during the winter.

Adjustable for Privacy and Light Control – Shutters can easily be controlled to let just the right amount of light in. A slight adjustment in the panels is all you need to let the light in, while still protecting your privacy. 

Customisable – You can custom design your shutters to suit your home. Here at Beachside, we will measure and create the perfect shutters to perfectly fit your windows. Plus you can also choose from a range of materials, styles and, stains and paint colours.

A Clean Look – Wood shutters fold open neatly to expose the entire width of the window and when they are closed, perfectly display all the little details and workmanship of the shutters.

Timeless – Shutters provide a timeless look to your home and because they are so durable and do not fade, they will last years without ever going out of style.

Increase in value – Shutters can completely transform a space. They look beautiful and sophisticated and is why the addition of shutters in your home can actually increase the resale value. So they’re definitely a great investment!


Reduced visibility – If you live by the ocean or the river and want to take full advantage of the view, then your shutters need to be fully opened. Trying to adjust the slats to let maximum light enter will work to a slight extent, but will still provide an obstructed view.

Awkward – As interior shutters swing inward, you will have to keep the furniture far enough away so it does not get in the way when opening and closing your shutters each day. This may be a problem if you have a smaller room and limited space. 

Not Always Functional – Did you know some shutters are decorative only? The side panels are mounted on the wall and can be painted any colour to either match or contrast the window frame. This looks great but of course, you will still need to think of functional window coverings as well.

If you need help choosing the right window coverings for your home, click here to see how our friendly and experienced staff can help. 

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