A very popular and practical Window covering with options of Block out, Transplant, Sheer and Screen, options to suit any room.

With an endless range of designer colours to choose from in Wood, Plastic and Aluminium, Venetians can transform the look of any area both in Workplaces and Homes.

A fresh and versatile alternative ideal for Sliding Doors, these Blinds use Fabric panels that slide horizontally to cover you Windows and Doors.

Roman Blinds

Add a touch of elegance that is great for both modern and traditional Homes. With many Fabric and colour options to choose from.

An excellent way of providing light control to your Home. You can angle the slats to allow light in while maintaining privacy.

Blinds - Honeycomb

The best insulating Blind on the market. These Blinds have revolutionised how energy efficient your Window Treatments can be.

Blinds - Venetian

With soft adjustable Fabric vanes between two sheer Fabric panels that diffuse sunlight, by tilting the Vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.

 Shutters add a level of sophistication and style to any home.  With a variety of materials like Basswood for internal, Woodlook for wet areas and Aluminium for external applications.

Can make the outside of any house look different and unique.

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