Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blind

Honeycomb Blinds

Our Honeycomb blinds are Australian made. The uniqueness of custom Honeycomb Blinds is unparalleled, with the cell construction acting as an insulator trapping air within the cell. This construction reduces heat gain in Summer keeping you home cooler and in Winter reduces heat loss keeping you warmer. Honeycombs are available with a selection of easy-to-use operating systems that have been designed with innovation and child safety in mind. There is also a choice of speciality shapes and design options for more flexibility.

  • The unique Honeycomb construction allows air to be trapped within the cell, making Honeycombs an Energy Efficient window covering solution.
  • Light and privacy control is easily achieved with various design options including the Top down/Bottom up option.
  • A wide range of choice when it comes to Fabric colours.
  • With the option of cordless lifting systems means enhanced safety for Children and Pets.
  • Minimal gaps meaning less light.
  • Fabric options of light filtering, block out and transparent.
  • Available in three distinct cell variances of 10mm Single cell, 20mm single cell and double cell. The larger or more cells there are, the greater the level of insulation.
  • Made of 100% polyester fabric
  • All products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for 5 years from date of sale and will be repaired, replaced or modified free of charge, provided that all monies due on completion of contract have been paid in full. SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  • The 100% polyester Fabric is anti-static and repels the dust and dirt, all that is needed is an occasional vacuum to maintain.
  • Regular light dusting is all the cleaning that Is needed in most circumstances, for deeper cleaning vacuum gently with a brush attachment.
  • If Blind does get marked spot-cleaning is possible with warm water and a mild Detergent, dampen a clean cloth wring it out and dab the spot until mark is gone, do not rub the fabric. Allow the Blind to dry in the completely lowered position
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