Roller Blinds

Roller blind

Roller Blinds

Our Roller blinds are made locally in WA using state of the art cutting machinery. Roller blinds are one of the most popular Blinds due to its practicality and affordability. With different Fabrics to suit different needs from those that filter light, to block-out Fabrics we have a fabric to suit every need and every budget. Roller blinds are a simple and modern product that can be used in conjunction with additional window treatments such as Curtains and Pelmets. The four types of fabrics we offer are; Blockout, Translucent, Sheer and Screen.

Block-out Rollers are used for insulation and darkness benefits, they are ideal for bedrooms to turn day to night. We have a huge range of PVC free 100% polyester block out fabrics you can select.

Translucent Rollers are very popular for Bathrooms and Highlight windows where privacy is required. It lets gentle natural light filter into the room while still protecting from harmful UV rays.

Sheer Rollers are fantastic to use behind curtains or block-out roller blinds to keep a level of privacy.

Screen Rollers are ideal to retain a view whilst maintaining privacy and providing glare control. They are available in different levels of weave openness from 3% to 10%, depending on what is required. Screen fabrics offer very high levels of UV protection, by reducing the amount of harmful UV rays whilst helping stop fading and dulling of furnishings and floor coverings. Commonly paired with a Block-out roller at the front with a Screen at the rear. (closest to window)

  • All components of our Blinds are made here in Western Australia, Using state of the art cutting Machinery.
  • Clean appearance.
  • Child safe feature as standard.
  • Custom made.
  • All our Roller blinds come with Stainless Steel chains in various lengths.
  • Complete the look of a Roller blind with a Pelmet or fascia, co-ordinated with chosen Blind fabric.
  • Chain operated with the option to use Motorisation.
  • Option of a Double Roller.
  • Option of Motorised timer.
  • Screen Rollers block up to 90-97% of harmful UV rays.
  • Range of VOC textiles available for those sensitive to the smell of Fabrics.
  • Fabrics are treated with Fabric protector to repel most stain-causing agents.
  • Aluminium bottom rail.
  • Can be front rolled or back rolled
  • All products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for 5 Years from date of sale and will bee repaired, replaced or modified free of charge, provided that all monies due on completion of contract have been paid in full. SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with a gentle Vacuum once a month or wipe marks with a Pencil Eraser
  • A mild solution of lukewarm water can be used to assist in cleaning if needed.
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