Curtain track


Custom made tracking is one of the most important decisions to make when purchasing new curtains. Poor quality tracks and installation can ruin the appearance and operation of any curtain.

Some tracks are designed to be discreet or covered when closed whilst others are decorative or designed to make a statement. At Beachside blinds and curtains all our tracks are made locally by TRAXWEST who are the leaders in custom made tracking. Curtain tracks can be mounted to walls or ceilings, allowing for flexibility in achieving design goals. Choose from Hand drawn, Cord drawn or Motorized tracks or Visit our showroom for our full range of Curtain tracking.

For all Track specifications, please go to our track manufactures web site at

  • Our tracks are Designed and manufactured in Western Australia specifically for Australian conditions.
  • Tracks have a Clean, minimalist profile by hiding the Gliders or Carriers behind the Curtain fabric.
  • Tracks are smoother in operation than using Rings, Eyelets or Tab-tops.
  • All our Tracks are custom-made.
  • All our Curtain cords have child-safety features.
  • Our standard Tracks are available in two controls, Hand drawn (where you slide the Curtain by pulling a wand attached to the Curtain) or Cord drawn (where you slide the Curtain by pulling a Cord)
  • Tracks can be easily bent using a professional bending machine thus making them ideal for curved Windows. (such as Bay windows)
  • The option of a One-way track (Where the whole Curtain can be pushed to one side)
  • Centre open tracks are suited to a window with an even amount of negative space on either side of window.
  • Multi directional tracks are used when you want the curtain to be able to stack either side, this is great on by-folding doors or if you had negative space in the middle of two windows, allowing the Curtain  to stack  in the Centre.
  • Periodically spray the inside of the Curtain Track or top of Rod with an Anti-static household cleaner or Silicone spray to prevent dust building up and ease running.
  • Rods can be cleaned with a household cleaner and a soft brush to remove dust from the crevices.
  • Cord operated Tracks need to be operated by Cord, the common cause of failure is moving the Curtains by hand rather than using the Cords. When a cord operated Track is moved by hand the tension in the cords is not taken evenly on both sides, which often leads to the cord becoming tangled around the Track runners.
  • Tracks that are fitted in high Dust/Dirt environments may need regular application of Silicone based lubricant applied to the Extrusion, Runners and all moving parts in a Cord operated Track.
  • When maintaining your Tracks with a Silicone based lubricant such as Helmar H4000, we do not recommend using such lubricants as WD-40.
  • Runners can go brittle with age but are cheap to replace.
  • All products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for 5 Years from date of sale and will be repaired, replaced or modified free of charge, provided that all monies due on completion of contract have been paid in full. SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
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