honeycomb blinds

blinds that keep the weather out

Honeycomb Blinds are designed for energy efficiency and insulation. Honeycomb’s cell construction acts as an insulator trapping air within the cell, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer – perfect for Western Australia’s climate.

Honeycombs are available with a selection of easy-to-use operating systems and child safety in mind. Made with 100% polyester, they’re anti-static, repelling dust and dirt.

Choose how much light and privacy you need with light filtering, block-out and transparent.

why choose beachside honeycomb blinds?

  • Maximum insulation
  • Available in three distinct cell variances – single cell to double cell. The larger or more cells there are, the greater the level of insulation
  • Easy to clean – our honeycomb blinds are anti-static, repelling dust and dirt
  • Will only need light dusting or spot-cleaning
  • 5 Year warranty (subject to conditions)

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Call us today.

Call (08) 9309 9455 or email info@beachsidecurtains.com.au to find out more.

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beachside are a proud supplier of the telethon home 2012 - 2018


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