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why are shutters so popular?

At Beachside, we love shutters. That’s why we’ve been selling them for over 10 years.

Shutters are panels with movable blades or louvres that are hinged, bi-folded or sliding, allowing filtered light and airflow to enter the room.

Shutters not only compliment the kind of beachside homes we service, they’re also lightweight, UV-resistant, durable, safe, and easy to clean.


basswood shutters

Basswood shutters have become our biggest seller. These shutters have a smooth finish. Basswood timber is sourced from plantation grown trees and is renewable, recyclable and offers good insulation. These shutters are lightweight and nontoxic, and are resistant to bumps and warping. We coat our basswood shutters with a high quality paint, stain, or lacquer with polyurethane promoting UV–resistance and colour retention.

Find out why shutters are becoming such a popular window covering.  Call (08) 9309 9455 or email to find out more

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