All of the Latest and Greatest Curtain Tracks in Perth

Perth curtain tracks and rods are one of the most important elements to the successful dressing of a window. We have a wide range of curtain tracks available for our Perth customers, from basic corded tracks to a range of decorative tracks which are not only functional but form part of the decorative effect of the window treatment. Most importantly, all of our custom made curtain tracks are manufactured in Australia and are custom made.

While one of our specialties that our Perth customers enjoy are our motorised curtains, our standard tracks are available in two configurations: either hand-drawn (where you slide the curtains across by pulling on the curtain itself), or cord-drawn (where you slide the curtains across by pulling a cord hanging to one side of the window). Both configurations can be stacked to the left or right, or configured to open from the middle and stack with half the curtain on either side of the window.

Where you are having multiple curtains on the one window (for instance a sheer for privacy and a solid curtain for light insulation at night), we can install two or three separate tracks on the same set of brackets, and each track can be of a different configuration.

The Beauty of Motorised Curtains

With the advent of home automation products, more and more people are becoming interested in our range of motorised curtain tracks Our motorised blinds offer the same advantages as our other curtains and blinds, but they also add an unprecedented level of user-friendly simplicity.

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