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curtains & sheers


a curtain can make or break a room

Curtains frame a room. Soft, billowy fabric blowing in the sea breeze can turn a stale and stuffy room into a holiday home. Curtains add drama, mystery, romance, but most of all, style.

As a key feature to any home, choosing curtains can be a tough choice. What fabric should you choose? Will you go for sheer? Lined? Coated? Do you want the natural light to come in? What about noise control?

Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. We get to know you. Whether your choice is based on function, design, or both, we’ll help you make the right choice for your home.


Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains are made using a thin low density knit, resulting in a semi-transparent cloth. While Sheers only provide privacy in the daytime, they offer good insulation and are perfect to use over a layered window solution, blinds or a lining fabric.


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curtain headings change the flow

The style of a curtain is not just about the fabric. Have you ever noticed how curtains hang?

The heading is where the curtain fabric is attached to the track or rod, changing the way they look when open. Some are looped on a pole, others pleated or folded.

Like the curtains themselves, headings are another design element to consider.

Many modern curtains suit minimalist headings, allowing the fabric to fall straight down. Traditional styles are tightly pleated.

Pleats create uniform spacing,and allow for smooth operation.

Want to get a quote on your future Curtain Heading? Why not give us a call? Call us today on (08) 9309 9455 or email

why choose Beachside curtains?

  • Australian made

  • Long durability

  • Custom-made to your specific window dimensions

  • Fabrics act as a protective UV barrier for your flooring and furniture, stopping fading due to sunlight exposure

  • Offers great temperature control

  • Offers privacy for both day and night

  • Blackout curtains reduce your energy bill up to 25%

  • Absorb sound

  • Fitted with child safety

  • All fabrics are tested to industry standards with colour fastness

  • Beachside blinds and curtains offer a fuss free easy to read full 3 year warranty on all its products.

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