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frame your curtain right

The effect your curtains can make on your room isn’t just about the fabric. It’s the way your curtain is framed. Pelmets can add a whole new look to a room while providing the option of concealing hardware and adding another decorative element to your windows.

While padded pelmets are a great option, we can also produce minimalist style wood painted pelmets. Pelmets are also functional. They insulate extremely well by trapping warm air in the winter and stopping cool air escaping in summer, as well as blocking out light while elongating the height of the window.

Our pelmets are designed and manufactured in Perth. We thrive on creating new designs that reflect the current trends with heaps of styles and shapes, the options are endless.

Get a framed and finished window look today. Call (08) 9309 9455 or email


padded pelmet

The luxury of padded Pelmets, with a choice of endless fabrics and styles.

your options

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