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want to control the curtains and blinds from the couch?

Beachside blinds and curtains are proud to be Somfy Experts, Somfy are market leaders in Home Automation for window coverings.

Home Automation is adding comfort and convenience with the touch of a single button. Somfy motors can be installed on all types of Interior window coverings: Roller Blinds, Venetians, Roman blinds and Curtains. Motorisation will add a touch of Luxury to any Home.

The Somfy range of internal motorisation solutions are suitable for new builds or renovations. Our products operate with intelligent, quiet motors and electric controls and can be adjusted via discreet wall mounted Units, remote controls or direct from your Smartphone or Tablet with the Somfy Apps.

The flexibility of Somfy solutions allows Window coverings to be set to automatically open or close via a timer. No more Cords or Strings! With just the touch of a button you can close or open your Window treatment. Somfy motors are also ideal for large, High-light or hard to reach Windows.

why choose motorised window coverings?

  • Automation can be customised for your new & existing home.

  • Flexibility in terms of privacy, design, protection, UV  and managing natural light.

  • Can contribute to reducing heating or cooling costs.

  • Somfy Timer function controls let you program a scene that closes your Blind or Curtain at dusk, just as you switch your lights on!

  • No need for unsightly Cords and Chains as is the case with a manual system.

  • Operate quietly and smoothly.

  • The ‘My’ function that lets you program a preferred position of your window treatment that you can access every time at a simple press of the ‘My’ button.

  • Blinds have the option to use Wirefree motors which don’t require any mains connection and can be battery or Solar powered.

  • Activate Somfy motorised applications even when you’re away from home with a the press of a button.

  • Compatible with an Interior sun sensor which can ‘wake up’ the house.

  • Can be operated by the Smoove wall mounted unit, by Remote control or via the Somfy Home Automation.

  • Apps which allow control through your Smartphone or Tablet.

Automate your window covering now. Call (08) 9309 9455 or email to find out more.

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